Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this area will help answer a few questions you may have. You will be able to contact the seller of a home you are interested. Or if you have more questions you need answered about this site please feel free to email us.

Questions Answers
1) Will I be paying additional fees to FindGreatRealty.com after the sale of the home? 1) No. FindGreatRealty.com does not collect any additional fees from the sale of  listed homes on this site from either the buyer or the seller.
2) Can any one add a listing to this site? 2) Yes. All are welcome to list on this site.
3)Is there a charge? 3) Yes there is a small fee to list here
4) What if I am interested in a property and I wish to get more information on it, how difficult is it? 4) On the listing for the property there is away to contact the seller straight from the details page by clicking on the seller’s e-mail the subject line will contain the item number and that it is listed on FindGreatRealty.com for you. this way it should be easy for you and the seller to identify the listing.